The Fourth of July is upon us and that means it’s time to grab the kids and get the hell out of Dodge. But getting away from it all doesn’t have to mean you can’t knock out a quick workout before getting into vacation mode. Here are the best ways to sneak in a sweat before firing up the grill.

The TRX Workout

If you already own a suspension trainer like the TRX, anywhere with a pull-up bar, crossbeam, or sturdy clothes rack can become a versatile gym on the road. Here’s how to make it count.

The P90X Workout

P90X creator Tony Horton swears by this four-phase “No Excuses” workout — named for being quick and dirty, with no equipment requirements besides a little elbow grease.

The Street Workout

With handstands, air squats, and bridges, this program from a calisthenics expert could even be done waiting for the bus.

The 10-Minute Workout

Think of how frequently you’re just sitting idly for 10 minutes. Spend that time on one of these 30 workouts from the pros instead.

The Yoga Routine

Whether you were sitting in a car or a plane for hours, you’re probably tight all over. Here’s a 30-minute program to loosen up those traveled joints.

The No-Weight Workout

This one’s an advanced program that’ll keep burning calories for up to 36 hours after you’ve finished exercising. Try the expert-level modifications to really challenge yourself.

The Stair Workout

Climbing a lot of stairs is a workout in itself. But throw in sprints, bounds, and planks, and you can turn a pedestrian device into a workout station you’ll find just about anywhere.

The Resistance Band Workout

A good resistance band is basically a lightweight gym you can cram into a weekender bag. Here’s a program that only uses bands — and it’ll leave you winded.


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