It’s easy for your body temperature to turn up when you’re working hard, which can keep you from performing at your peak. Keep yourself from getting overheated with the MISSION DuoMax Cooling Towel. It’s a dual-sided towel with next-level HydroActive Cooling Technology. The drying side is made of a soft terry fabric that quickly absorbs moisture when you need it most; flip it over when you need a hit of freshness. When the cool side comes in contact with water (hold it under a faucet, water fountain, or dip it in a stream), it’ll activate the chill effect—which can last up to 11 hours (that’s five times longer than other cooling towels).

It’s the ultimate workout companion when you’re staying fit at home with indoor spin classes or HIIT sessions. You can also loop the towel around your face (only when it’s dry) for a mask when you’re out on the road, or drape it around your neck to help cool down when you’re golfing, hiking, running, or strength training.


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