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A Beginner’s Guide to Launching Your First Bikepacking Adventure12

What happens when you combine hiking and camping with biking? You get something called bikepacking. It’s exactly what it sounds like…a sport that invo

9 Games You Need to Take to the Backcountry12

The beauty of camping out in the backcountry and spending some time in nature (besides, well, the actual, physical beauty of it): It’s just you and yo

How Private Land Reserves Are Saving Endangered Species (and Inviting Travelers to Witness the Revival)12

There’s a lot of land between our coasts, much of it unexplored by travelers. American or foreign, tourists seek oceans, mountains, bright lights, and

Cycling Goes Gourmet: 10 Best Culinary Bike Tours for Hungry Travelers12

There’s no denying the popularity of organized cycling tours has skyrocketed in recent years. As it turns out, exploring a far-flung country by bike i

Kami Rita Sherpa Makes Record-Breaking 23rd Mount Everest Ascent12

Climbing to the summit of Mount Everest is an accomplishment nearly any adventurer would be pleased with. How about doing it 23 times? That’s how Sher

Meet the Minneapolis Parks and Open Space Commissioner Using the Outdoors to Fight for Racial Justice12

Anthony Taylor didn’t start working for justice last month, when Minneapolis exploded in response to the murder of George Floyd. Sure, he, his wife, h

10 Essential Rules of Good Health

Khloe Kardashian has been hitting the gym hard and has not been letting herself slack, no matter what is going on in her life, as well as making sure that she sticks to a very strict diet. Khloe has since gone on to lose around 35lbs. "Khloe gives as much to the gym as the...

On the Ground at the Dakar Rally, the Toughest Motorsport Race on Earth12

In January, hundreds of competitors traveled to Peru for the Dakar Rally, widely considered one of the toughest motorsport events in the world, given

Adventure Video of the Week: Extreme Sports Athlete Andy Lewis Base Jumps in Moab12

Extreme sports athlete and expert slackliner Andy Lewis has had his fair share of thrills. He’s jumped, climbed, and slacklined all around the world,

How One Man Survived 3 Weeks in the Alaskan Wilderness After His Cabin Burned Down12

After a fire destroyed his cabin and killed his dog, 30-year-old Tyson Steele found himself completely alone and miles from help in a remote corner of


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