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This Is What a 4,000-Foot BASE Jump Looks Like12

Monte Brento, in northern Italy, looms 5,000 feet above the Sarca Valley, and it was here, last September, that photographer Sebastian Wahlhuetter, sk

What it’s Like to Hurl Yourself off a 100-foot Bluff and Cliff Dive Victoria Falls12

Each year about 300,000 people visit Victoria Falls, located between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. But few experience the waterfall like 28-ye

This Is Where to See the Best View of Hong Kong12

Forget high-rises. The greatest place to take in Hong Kong’s skyline is not at the top of one of its 1,300 skyscrapers but in the hills north of town,

5 Ways to Prepare for an Epic Outdoor Adventure12

No one really thought this was a good idea—pulling on 13-year-old Coleman boots for a 5-day journey across 60 miles of scree-filled Sierra mountain ra


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