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How to Support the Outdoor Destinations and Recreation Areas You Love12

The great outdoors is experiencing a historic crisis, one that’s resulted in the new buzzwords “sustainable recreation.” On one hand, there’s the push

Dispatches: What I Learned From a 280-Mile Bikepacking Trip in the Utah Desert12

Darkness set in just a few miles before we reached Lake Powell. We closed in our targeted camping spot for the night after riding 70-odd miles on roug

Adventure Advice From the Parents Whose 10-Year-Old Just Kayaked the Grand Canyon12

Most parents of a sports-loving 10-year-old might feel proud when their kid hits a home run, scores a touchdown, or tickles the back of the soccer net

A Beginner’s Guide to Launching Your First Bikepacking Adventure12

What happens when you combine hiking and camping with biking? You get something called bikepacking. It’s exactly what it sounds like…a sport that invo

Adventures in COVID: Pandemic Safety During a Group Climbing Adventure to Idaho’s City of Rocks12

“This is the crux move, keep me tight,” Crista barked from 60 feet above us, as she prepared for the biggest risk of the route. Lead climbing (without

Lessons on Resilience from Jeff Denholm: One-Armed Surfer, Treasure Hunter, Firefighting Entrepreneur12

“For me to excel at something, it has to be intense,” Jeff Denholm tells me over the phone after completing a 30-minute stationary swim in southern Or

Meet the Minneapolis Parks and Open Space Commissioner Using the Outdoors to Fight for Racial Justice12

Anthony Taylor didn’t start working for justice last month, when Minneapolis exploded in response to the murder of George Floyd. Sure, he, his wife, h

Neighborhood Heroes: Steve Larosiliere, Founder and President of Stoked Mentoring12

For many Americans, 9/11 was a watershed moment—especially those living in New York City. Take Steve Larosiliere, for whom the close-to-home events tr

Rivian Taps Outdoor Athletes in Pre-Order Push for Its Electric R1T Truck12

In 2016, when Rivian was still hiding in the shadows and quietly building the world’s first electric off-road vehicles, Larry Parker, creative directo

Planning a Rafting or Paddling Trip Could Be Summer’s Safest Pandemic Escape12

As society works collectively to curb the spread of COVID-19, maybe there is something to all the clichés of this unprecedented moment, navigating “un


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