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Trail Etiquette: Avoiding Outdoor Confrontations During the Pandemic12

It’s no secret that there’s a social distancing problem in the great outdoors. Some people honor the basic guidelines for responsible outdoor exercise

How to Make Your Own Sunscreen12

There are two things that confuse me—Okay, more than two, but for the sake of argument, I’m really baffled by essential oils and sunscreen. My wife’s

Guidelines for Responsible Outdoor Adventures During the Coronavirus Pandemic12

The collective outdoor community, from distance hikers escaping for weeks on end to urbanite weekend warriors, is predicated on the same thing: the fe

All the Major Closures and Restrictions at National Parks Due to COVID-1912

While COVID-19 has people across the country staying home under self-quarantine, escaping into the wilderness seems like the perfect way to get some f

Looking for a Safe Outdoor Activity Amid the Coronavirus? Go for a (Solo) Bike Ride12

Are you tired of coronavirus isolation yet? Sure, staying home and working from your couch all day is great—until the snacks run out, and that balmy s

Off-the-Grid Rafters Return to COVID-19 Pandemonium After 25 Days in the Grand Canyon12

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen, daily life for people around the world has become almost unrecognizable. Major league sports are canc

Dispatches: Running Sled Dogs Across the Boundary Waters12

For three days I talked more with Cedar, Marley, Joplin, Thor, Whoopsy, and Mudro than any human. Canadian Inuit dogs aren’t much for conversation, bu

Rainforests Are Losing Their Ability to Absorb Carbon Dioxide. Here’s What We Can Do About It12

It’s no secret the Amazon is in trouble. The world’s largest tropical rainforest has weathered decades of deforestation due to logging and cattle ranc

First Look: The North Face Advanced Mountain Kit12

In 2017, The North Face (TNF) reviewed its team and past expeditions and came to two conclusions. First, it noticed that today’s elite alpinists were

Adidas Has a New Plan to Use More Recycled Plastic and Shrink Its Carbon Footprint12

In recent years, the fashion industry has been dragged for being unsustainable, and now brands are starting to do something about it. On Tuesday, Adid


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